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Informed Decisions & Diagnostics Based on Real Data

The Solution to Effectively Monitor your Distributed Energy Resources (DER). Next Wave EM’s subscription-based software offers specific UI and Data Access for Commercial/ Industrial, Utility-Scale and Portfolio Owners. Our team of Power Quality Experts and Engineers have Designed a Platform with Automated Reporting Features to Keep Stakeholders Informed at All Times.

Our mission is to simplify this high volume of data and focus on meaningful analytics to identify root-cause and ultimately, reduce mean time to repair (MTTR).

Designed & Built by Industry Experts

Next Wave EM’s experience with DER operations and real-world failures has allowed us to create a platform that provides monitoring, improved diagnostics, and fact-based decision making.

Innovation is ongoing at Next Wave. Currently, our platform offers component-level diagnostics, performance reporting, event logs, power quality analysis and electric utility/ grid issues.

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Our customer service support understands how renewable energy facilities are intended to perform and the significance of Key Performance Indicators (KPI). This know-how provides an efficient approach to retrofitting existing facilities, new projects and supporting potential complications.

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