PVPulseTM Platform + DAS Hardware + Boots on the Ground Support

Total Data Acquisition Solutions (“DAS”)

Next Wave Energy Monitoring ("NWEM") extends a turnkey Data Acquisition Solution, developed by our team of power quality engineers and solar performance engineers. NWEM’s products include turnkey DAS hardware solutions and Next Wave’s PVPulse™ cloud-based solar monitoring platform. 

Our purpose-built platform delivers in-depth energy insights and system analytics to solar asset owners and managers. At NWEM, we take pride in offering a comprehensive Data Acquisition Solution backed by industry-leading customer support and Infield Network Engineering provided by our US-based teams. Next Wave’s overarching goal is to disrupt the DAS space by utilizing customer service, boots-on-the-ground technical support, and robust hardware offerings.

Next Wave PVPulse™ - Your Solar Asset Advantage

The Next Wave PVPulse™ Platform As A Service (PaaS) Solution is tailored to meet the demands of a solar asset manager or owner. With NWEM, you gain access to an intuitive platform designed for technical users, non-technical users, single asset owners, enterprises, and fleets. 

PVPulse™ administrators enjoy the flexibility to edit user permissions, customize alerts, configure automated reporting, virtual map view of fleets, benchmark expected power outputs, and specifications to audit performance. Field teams benefit from mobile device access for in-field troubleshooting and device verification. Furthermore, advanced diagnostics-level charting and metrics guarantee superior data analysis, and an intuitive user experience for precise troubleshooting.

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Turnkey Hardware Solutions

Next Wave’s turnkey Hardware Solutions represent a comprehensive suite of commercial components designed to meet the evolving demands of the renewable industry. This includes the Next Wave Industrial Datalogger, revenue-grade energy meter, surge suppressor, ethernet switch/ cellular modem, and a durable metal NEMA4 enclosure, ensuring long-lasting performance even in challenging conditions. Additional options include but are not limited to, supplemental battery and UPS options that provide backup power for uninterrupted operation, weather stations, and sensors.

Next Wave’s hardware is equipped with an industry-leading 8-year material warranty. All components specified in Next Wave’s DAS solution are based on non-proprietary, off-the-shelf designs, ensuring compatibility and flexibility for your specific needs.

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At NWEM, we understand that technical excellence and customer support are paramount for businesses. Our Next Wave PVPulse™ Monitoring Platform simplifies the management of vast data volumes, ultimately leading to data-driven decisions, reduced Mean Time to Repair (MTTR), and improved operational efficiency.  

Discover why more Asset Owners and Developers are turning to Next Wave to actively manage system performance

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